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Review from Z.
Source: RealSelf
May 26, 2020


” This Has Been a Uniquely Amazing Experience! – I started to consider this surgery about 10 years ago. I am a 42 year old mother of four. I have had health issues for over 20 years. CFS and Hypothyroidism are just two of the illnesses that I have. I felt like I wore my illness on my face. With my brow line being so low, and only getting worse with age, I knew that I needed to take this step. Despite doing my best to look put together, I was always told that I looked so tired. The truth is I always feel tired. I just don’t want everyone to know it, lol. That is why I worked so hard to try to cover it up with makeup and products….which wasn’t working. I started to do research about two years before my surgery. I knew that I wanted a natural look. I wanted to look like me, just not so exhausted. I read about the procedure, complications, cost, everything! I found Dr. Yaker and did more research on his education, technique, and experience. I was immediately convinced that he was the only one that I would trust. The first visit he sat and talked with my husband and I. He understood exactly, and more importantly why I felt the way I did about my exhausted appearance. He knew what I needed and showed us beautiful before and after pictures of previous patients. He patiently and thoroughly went through the whole process with us. His staff was always kind and helpful. After the surgery he and his staff displayed perfect bedside manner. They were always reassuring and helpful. I even had phone calls to check up on me between visits. I will always be grateful for this experience that has truly made a huge difference to me. Dr. Yaker has such skill that the end result is so natural but makes such a phenomenal difference. He understands that I wanted this procedure, not just to look better, but more importantly to feel better. There are many illness that ones have to deal with. Many of them do not have a cure. Surgeries and procedures that Dr. Yaker so skillfully performs eases living with such illnesses. I hope that he and his staff come to know how appreciative we are of their work. “