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Review from P.
Source: RealSelf
Aug 07, 2009


” No More Padded Bras! – Replacing Lost Volume After 4 Pregnancies – I have continued to lose breast tissue after each of my 4 pregnancies and after even minimal weight loss. I was tired of buying very padded bras and adding extra padding to have even a normal-looking bust. I wanted to be able to look good without the padding!I had 350cc high profile silicone implants placed 8 days ago. At 5 days post-op my left breast started to have a periodic tingling-shooting sensation at the nipple. It has increased to a sevre burning-stabbing sensation, but only when lying down. It is difficult to sleep. Is this due to increased stretching from the supine position? I know it is stretching and/or regeneration of the nerves. I am now taking Celebrex and using an ice pack. I read your answers about also using massage for hypersensitivity. Will this work for me and about how long should I expect this to continue. Can the right breast also develop this pain at a later time? “