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Review from E.B.
Source: Yelp
Aug 10, 2017


” Misty Shedd is a miracle work and she gave me back my confidence!!My background: I saw a completely different facial plastic surgeon for Voluma in March and he botched my face by injecting Voluma much too high on my cheekbones (and in my tear trough area, big no-nos with Voluma!!) which caused added volume in my undereye hollows instead of my cheeks. I looked deformed! He tried dissolving twice (with no change in my appearance). I lived like this for over 4 months by wearing hats, sunglasses and fake glasses to help hide the warped appearance under my eyes. I had severe anxiety and was left traumatized.**Solution: While researching solutions, a friend highly recommended Misty to me. In May, I came to see Misty for a consultation and explained to her what happened to me. I wasn’t ready yet to try anything new though, I was too scared. She gave me her personal cell phone number and checked on me several times. In August, I came back to see Misty. I knew my best chance at a solution was to add Voluma again (in the correct spot!) to help blend the problem area under my eyes with my cheeks and I was finally ready to go for it. My goal was to look natural and normal again. Misty helped me achieve this! I feel, dare I say, beautiful again! She injected 2 syringes of Voluma plus some Vollure to help fix my face.As you can see from my photos, Misty is a miracle worker. She is realistic, confident, gentle and highly skilled. She has extensive experience with the art of injectables– and it truly is an art. You must see someone who knows what each product is, where it can go and not go. How much to inject and where to inject. Misty is also a Certified Advanced Trainer for Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox and Juvederm. That means she goes around DFW training injectors how to use Allergan’s products correctly. Misty is the expert you have been searching for. I am so very thankful to Misty. From the bottom of my heart. I am a forever-client. “