Hemangiomas (Infant Birthmarks)

Hemangiomas are a specific type of vascular birthmark caused by an overgrowth of blood vessels. They appear as raised, bright red birthmarks, most commonly on the head, neck, or upper body. Hemangiomas typically grow rapidly in the first few months of life and then slowly involute (shrink) over several years.

Causes: The exact cause of hemangiomas is unknown, but they are more common in females and premature babies.

Treatments: Most hemangiomas don’t require treatment as they shrink on their own. However, in some cases, if they are large, rapidly growing, or located in a sensitive area (like near the eye), treatment with medication (corticosteroids) or laser therapy may be recommended by a dermatologist.

Disclaimer: Treatment for hemangiomas depends on the specific case. While some may not require intervention, consulting a dermatologist is crucial for monitoring growth and determining if treatment is necessary.