Freckles are small, flat, light brown to tan spots on the skin. They are caused by clusters of melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) and are more common in people with fair skin. Unlike age spots, freckles tend to fade in winter with less sun exposure and reappear in summer.

Causes: Genetics play a major role in freckle formation. People with lighter skin tones and those with red or blond hair are more prone to freckles. Sun exposure triggers melanin production, making freckles darker and more noticeable.

Treatments: Freckles are not harmful but can be lightened or faded with various methods. Topical creams containing vitamin C or kojic acid may help. Laser treatments or chemical peels can also be used, though these carry a risk of darkening freckles in some cases. Sun protection is essential to prevent freckles from becoming darker.

Disclaimer: Completely eliminating freckles might not be possible. However, sun protection and certain treatments can significantly lighten their appearance.